Accident Reconstruction Formulas

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Covers all Standard Formulas

Includes seven categories for formulas like Drag Factors, Speed & Momentum, Kinetic Energy, Time Distance Velocity, Center-of-Mass & Radius, and Misc.

Intuitive Design

Easily flows from Main Menu through performing calculations to saving results

Includes Crush Analysis

Perform crush analysis for damage to vehicle with the Crush Formula

US (Imperial) and Metric Capable

Easily converts entire program form Imperial to Metric measurements.

Save or Share your Results

Utilize the phones Share function to Save your results to your files or report.

Slope Indicator

Take advantage of the phones gyro to determine the slope of the roadway.  Just set you phone down on a surface and it will tell you tell slope.

Always have your reconstruction formulas with you.  No longer do you have to wait to get back to the office to run a few numbers.  From Drag Factors to Momentum calculations there all here.


This is a must have app!

Main Menu

Formulas are divided into seven logical sections.  Drag, Speed, Ke, Time-Dist-Vel, COM - Radius- Critical Speed, Airborne & Misc.

Section Menu

Section menu holds all of the formulas for a specific topic in a table format making it easy to switch from one to another.

Typical Formula Page

Formula page includes input fields and results section.  Includes sliders for uphill/downhill, accel/decel or above/below varibales.

Save Results

Save your results together to keep for your files or report.  Includes image of formula, your input numbers and results.

Amazing Compatibility

Universally compatible with all iPhones® and iPads®


Application is easily converted to either Imperial or Metric measurements.  Utilizes phones utility system to manage which user measurement system you have selected.  Set it once and it will remember your preference.


Plus a slope indicator that uses the phones gyro to determine the slope or grade of the roadway.  Simply place the phone on the road and read the slope.

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